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Pepper jackets made a little long so the Stones would have no problem riding our coattails! Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone, or your son come home with a Beatle haircut?

Beatles vs The Stones, Concert on the green - Ruby Tuesday - 06/16/2019

This ultimate battle of the bands pits the mop tops against the bad boys. London against Liverpool. Guitars will weep and dice will tumble, and in the end, when the whip comes down, only one band shall emerge victorious. C Register , with fantastic music, iconic wardrobe and spot on performances down to the onstage banter, missed notes and flubs heard on the original records. Members of both nationally touring tribute bands, Abbey Road and Satisfaction — The International Rolling Stones Show , have taken great care to recreate the experience of seeing these incredible bands live so as to please casual fans and purists alike.

Beatles Versus Stones – Battle of the Brits | River Run Centre

Legrand and Clarke, who continue trading barbs. Beatles vs. But those albums -- and a slew of fantastic singles from lesser but often still very good albums -- prove that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been able to do one very important thing John Lennon and Paul McCartney couldn't: keep merging their talents and personalities to make culturally relevant music for a much longer time than their competitors from Liverpool.

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Could the Beatles have incorporated reggae and disco and punk into their sound? Or found another way to lead rock music through the changing times as well as the Stones did twice, as far into their career on 'Miss You,' 'Start Me Up' or 'Respectable?

But in real life they didn't and the Stones did, and that counts for a lot. There's one other crucial thing the Stones have done time and time again that the Beatles never did -- perform their best music successfully live onstage.

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Again, it's entirely possible, likely even, that the Beatles could have returned from their self-imposed stage exile and delivered great versions of 'Hey Jude' or 'Come Together' night after night. After all, McCartney's been doing an incredible job of it with his solo band for decades. But again, for the Beatles that's theoretical, and for the Stones it's proven fact.

Oh, and if we're gonna discuss pointless music from the mid-'90s, I'm gonna have to bring up ' Real Love ' and the second-rate Traveling Wilburys slab of blah ' Free As a Bird.

But it's much harder and more impressive to do what the Stones have done: not fade away. Home News. The Beatles vs. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Beatles vs. The show is appropriate for all ages. View More.

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