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She always has plenty of ideas, but not on command or under pressure.

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I told her to write whatever she liked, and I'd work on tying it into what her brother wrote. But still nothing.

Whenever my kids are trying to write something special, it just doesn't happen. They create wonderful things when they aren't trying. I've tried to capture and save those moments, typing many a story or poem for them. Unfortunately, since I file everything they do away at the end of each school year, almost all of their artwork, including the really special stuff, was packed away, and many of their writings as well though a few more of those are on my computer. So I put together the book with what I could find, alternating spreads for each kid, and including a few drawings.

How to Make Books with 5 Simple Book Binding Methods

Putting the book together on the Tikatok website was fairly straightforward and visually-based. It was all there on the screen, with just a few editing options. Each page already had a format to use, with text on one side and a spot for an image on the other. You can change this around, though deleting text boxes and image spots. Other layout options include text and image integrated together, and you can also have multiple text boxes or images on each page. You can add or delete pages, too, though adding more increases the price of the book slightly.

It is best to plan out the book's pages, format, and layout ahead of time, because it is impossible to rearrange pages in any logical fashion. You have to copy and paste content or reinsert images. You can change type size for each separate text box, but the interface doesn't use point size; there is a slider that goes from small to large. This makes it very hard to make all the text size consistent in the book. They seemed to try to get around this by having a Match button, which matches type size to the other text boxes. But any time you go back into the text size changing screen, it undoes whatever size you chose last time.

You can resize images and text boxes easily, but it is obvious that this interface is for inserting elements and not so much for editing them or rearranging items in creative ways. The book's cover can also be edited. When you put the finished book in your cart, you can also include a blurb for an About the Author section.

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Your browser currently has JavaScript disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your settings to view the site. You can write a story on the pages. Get your child involved in creating the story and naming their book.

They might need help with some of the words, or might want to tell you the story and have you write it down. Ask questions about the story, like what the names of the characters are, what do they like and what is happening.

How to Make a Book from Scratch

A great way to learn words is to have your child draw a picture on one side of the page, and have the word written on the other side. Getting your child involved in making the book can be a fun learning activity in itself. Want to play?

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Make your own photo album using your favorite pictures.

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