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In Southern Europe, the Blue Stream pipeline carries Russian gas into Turkey and it was jointly built by Gazprom and the Italian Eni in the effort of creating new delivery routes to the Anatolian peninsula that avoided third countries. The pipeline was supposed to go through the Black Sea and reach Bulgaria, where it would have divided into two different lines, one passing through Serbia and Hungary to finally enter Austria and Slovenia, and another one getting to Italy by Greece.

Eventually, Russian president Vladimir Putin canceled the South Stream blaming Western sanctions and replaced it with a project that rather established a direct landfall in Turkey, avoiding the Union territories and making Gazprom the one company taking over all the shares. The Italy — Russia energetic partnership has caused friction inside the EU, which has tried over the years to cut the ties of dependence from Russia when it comes to gas and energetic supplies.

Other than the restraints from Brussels, Rome has also to deal with the competition from Berlin. Germany and Russia are actually working on the expansion of the Nord Stream creating Nord Stream 2, two additional pipelines that would bypass traditional transit countries, especially Ukraine, and have more gas arriving directly into Germany.

This would assure the Central European country almost a monopoly over the Russian gas that is then to be spread all over Europe, which means higher prices for Italy. Red Gas comes with much praise from respected authors, which seems to leave little space for criticism. I nevertheless want to make two more critical remarks, one on the use of secondary material and another on the presentation of evidence. First, while the list of archives used is extensive, the list of secondary material is brief.

As a consequence, and probably reflecting a conscious choice of the author, there is little historiographical depth regarding factors influencing the coming about of east—west gas trading. The CoCom boycott, the developments in , and the overall energy situation in Europe—just to name a few—receive little attention. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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    Russia and the Origins of European Energy Dependence

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